07.03. UNDERtheGROUND – 4,3,2,1 – GO!

4,3,2,1 – UNDERtheGROUND Weekend Rescue Service are go!!! Auf spontaner Partymission! Einsatzgebiet: Muk Gießen, Samstag 07.03. 2300 MEZ.
Techno & Drum´n Bass ALert auf zwei Floors. Lokale Einsatzkräfte an den Decks…

andre müller (familie im takt)
gräg n jäck ( lach&krach)
alex janke ( subtilsounds)

cosphalix (bassculture)
lash (firewalker crew)
mc knock o

Mit Vollgas auf die Schallmauer!!!


Remute – SOS Snork72 out now on vinyl!!!

Out in the first week of February, the new smasher from REMUTE on Snork Enterprises, the Snork72 as vinyl and digital release.


Entirely off the safe path, nonconformity and badass sounds are merging for Snork #72 to send the ultimate SOS for genuine techno. Snork Enterprises meets Remute out in left field with three tracks not only to Save Our Souls, also to save our sound of raw, underground techno.

In a distorted space of sound, eclectic Morse-codes come floating while persistent base lines keep the machines running. Sirens sound and tortured steel is building up a sphere of vibrating noise spreading all over the hull and sustainedly screaming for SOS.

Soaring beats forecast the last burst of strength. A freak wave of forceful sounds is rearing up. Scared minds are facing the darkness of endless depth, still longing for the last beam of moonlight. Yet, the all-embracing wall of infinity is merciless closing the entire surface. In an ambience of distortion, finally everlasting silence is drawing through the dark deepness devouring every vivid glance. From the distance down below there remains one inward echo – the ultimate SOS.


Out of the box – any box you may wanna place, Remute in all likelihood will break through. The Belgrad-born and Hamburg-based artist and producer has been well known for many years now as enfant terrible of techno. “Raw unfiltered techno” that’s he says you get from him, but there’s a lot more to it.

Browsing through his chronic, you can feel this certain portion of fascinating madness in each an every step he takes. Take his world record of the longest remix in dance-music-history, the ultimate cowbell massacre “Cowbell Mania” or his limited album “The Orgy” including a sample of his own blood.

However this kind of madness is not distracting but adding to his stunning techno tunes inspired a lot by the genuine sounds from old school days. Since his breakthrough in 2008 with his own label “Remute”, his own tracks got remixed by renowned artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, DJ Rush, Aka Aka, Snuff Crew or Legowelt. As well as he has been remixing for popular artists such as Kid Alex aka Boys Noize, GusGus, Justin Robertson, Daniel Avery or Solomun.


31.1. UNDERtheGROUND – S.O.S. Party hard! at MuK Giessen

Snork Enterprises Release Party!
Hey Leute, Snork Enterprses is back in town mit neuer snorky Mukke für euch! Aus Hamburg ist für euch REMUTE am start und feiert mit einem Live Set sein neues Release für Snork Enterprises! Im Cafe gibts Mega Drum´n Bass, ebenfalls live mit den Giana Brotherz!

Oben – Snorky Music:
Remute live
Syntax Error
Udo Dudka

1022 Mega Drum´n Bass
Giana Brotherz live
Lash & Knock O MC

Out soon! REMUTE – SOS Snork72 auf vinyl & digital.


NERKKIRN Obervolt e.p. on V-RECORDS with Syntax Error remix out now!!!

Check out this free downloadable THEMOSTWORSTWASTED remix of NERKKIRN´s Finality track, featured on the XLR8R Soundcloud page…

The new Obervolt EP (V021) from NERKKIRN aka Nerk & Peter Kirn is released on V-Records with remixes from Tallmen.785, Syntax Error and TheMostWorstWasted. More from NERKKIRN on Snork Enterprises also soon in the beginning of 2015 with their Antifuse e.p. on Snork73!

Neil Landstrumm & Syntax Error – “Words on Techno” Interview

It’s loud. It’s dirty. It’s harsh. Yet what stands behind roaring bass lines and smashing beats is a deeply rooted passion for the art of techno. In a few words Neil Landstrumm and Syntax Error, two techno artist who have been on the decks for decades now, try to capture what could be continued hours and hours. Words on techno.


Snork Enterprises Beatport Decade compilation out now! 10 years of Beatport digital music!!!

Snork Enterprises #BEATPORTDECADE Techno 10 years of Beatport digital music mania meets 10 years of real deep shit snorky techno  made by Snork Enterprises! Cheers Beatport to a good age and our joint 10 years anniversary. Here you go with a ten-track-toast to the next stunning decade of popping beats and roaring basses dashing right from the artist’s fingertips through the digital orbit onto the DJ decks. Get it on 101010!


12″ of Snork71 Syntax Error – Ping rate out now!

To get it from Beatport:

For vinyl copies go to:
Decks.de: http://www.decks.de/t/syntax_error-ping_rate/c3v-fy
Deejay.de: http://www.deejay.de/__154030
Juno.co.uk: http://www.juno.co.uk/labels/Snork

Ping Rate
Listen to the pulse of sound, because Snork #71 is turning up the ping rate right to the top! With this year’s third release, Snork Enterprises  presents a sonic blast with two brand new tracks by Mr. Snork himself, aka Christian Schachta aka Syntax Error. Motherfucker move your Ass! The catchy beat of “Marionette-like Fucker” holds every string tight in his hand. Like a virtuous puppeteer, with each ping of sound,
this track forces your body into motion. So just let go and leave yourself to the stunning bass-lines getting into play with perfectly aligned groovy techno sounds. All strings attached to the dance floor! Turn around and come deeper. Deep down below where the light is dark and
your head feels dizzy; where acoustic waves blow your mind. Feel the underwater moaning of the clunk of heavy working machines somewhere far away. Hear how snoopy jellyfish sneak up right next to you. And find yourself drawn to a point cloud of deep wobbly bass lines and tricky percussion.

Syntax Error
Exactly this world of the deep and groovy techno music is the well-known territory of Syntax Error. Having started as techno DJ in the late 90ies, he soon found his very special sound favoring deep wobbly bass-lines, harsh snares, FM tones and drones, deep bass drums and tricky percussion. Like a syntax error, he breaks with commonplace regularities and creates a wholly new sound experience that is highly recognized within the techno scene. Up to 2014, he has produced over 20 different 12” releases on the labels Snork Enterprises, Feinwerk, Relax2000 and UNDERtheGROUND Records. Each of his releases is an authentic, passionate creation of sound always mirroring some
experience from his personal life – whether it’s from his adventures as scuba diving tycoon, as sonar operator or as DJ and producer enthusiastically roaming the techno club scene.
Here we go with some oldschool heavy bass Brighton Wonky Techno…Pure hard underground real shit fucking music, one day recorded in the early 2000´s. Enjoy it!

Snork Enterprises
It’s a distinct sound diving deep down into the spheres of genuine underground techno where bass-lines surround your mind and the fascination of a gloomy yet groovy world of sounds inevitably enters your head. Founded in 2004 by techno DJ and producer Christian Schachta known as Syntax Error, Snork Enterprises is a base for modern underground electronic techno music. It’s not at all about being pretentious or arty for the sake of it. It’s about real depth on the dance floor. Short and sweet: very snorky! It’s a journey with friends such as Cristian Vogel, Phil Kieran, Jens Zimmerman, Daze Maxim, DJ W!ld and other big names from the techno scene having dedicated themselves to an uncompromising, stunning beat to go even further on a trip to the instantly exceptional, experimental sounds, ranging back to various roots of electronic underground.

Neil Landstrumm Sweden

05.09. Neil Landstrumm live at Daytime Sessions in Sweden

Trädgårdens Daytime Session Festival with Neil Landstrumm  in Sweden!

DAYTIME SESSIONS #24 16.00-22.00



SyntaxError Japan

Syntax Error interview for japanese clubberia.com

Interview with Christian Schachta aka Syntax Error who is behind Snork Enterprises, for japanese clubberia.com website…Thanks to Nori from Posivision! Syntax Error´s new Snork71 release will be out in September, the “Ping Rate” available on vinyl and digital.
And we also have some new plans and ideas for another “Pure hard underground real shit fucking music!”…A new FEINWERK21 is planned, more info soon!