Snork 74 Good Groove & Ronald Christoph – Watching You out now!!!

There’s no time to waste. It’s the very first beat that hits the groove. No twisting and turning. From the very start, this track enters your pulse and builds up a marvelous world of sounds lead by a powerful beat. In this fantasyland of electronic music, each tune has its duty and appears exactly when it should. As in a kaleidoscope, every arrangement is turning easily into a manifold composition of colorful sounds that complete each other perfectly and create a beautiful ensemble. Smooth transitions pull you through this miraculous sphere of sound that in spite of all playfulness never forgets to groove.
With its variety, “Watching You” strikingly reveals the broad musical repertoire of both artists Good Groove and Ronald Christoph. Of course, Snork Enterprises could not resist releasing this unique good groove piece! It’s their soulful attitude and refined sense for the dance floor that turns this track into a funky sparkle struck by a powerful bass line. Plus, every beat is different. From every half beat you could create a whole new loop for a totally new track. Being his last release before he had passed away in February 2014, it almost seems as if Good Grove wanted to put all his ideas for future sounds into one track.
Together with two stunning remix tracks by the emerging artist THEMOSTWORSTWASTED and remix-pro Mathias Schaffhäuser, Snork #74 is not just a full load of catchy techno beats but a soulful homage to the one who dedicated his life to the good grooves and had to leave far too early.

As one of the unique spirits of the German techno scene, Klaus Löschner aka DJ Good Groove began setting the course for his passionate music life at the early age of 11 years when he started to work for the Munich music distributor BMG Ariola during his school holidays. What then follows is an almost fairy tale career as DJ, producer, as well as label manager at the famous labels EYE Q and Harthouse by Sven Väth, and finally from 1997 on at his own label Frisbee Tracks. In the early nineties, shortly after his very first track release (“Keep Me Going On”, KK Records), he experienced his breakthrough under the project name Pulse together with Tommi Eckart, meanwhile known as one half of 2raumwohnung.
For more than 20 years, he kept on releasing his own tracks on well-known labels as well as presenting highly prestigious electronic artists on his own label, such as Monika Kruse, Patrick Lindsey, Vanguard, Paul Brtschitsch, Roland Casper and Ricardo Villalobos. Sadly, during the last years, a severe illness forced him to slow down and ended his life in February 2014. “Watching You” represents Good Groove’s last release, on which he had been working until one week before his death.

Ronald Christoph is a Berlin based techno, house and electronica producer, live performer and label owner of Evamore Music. His discography is an ongoing tale of contemporary music. He enjoys producing art projects like Tiagovch as well as dance floor oriented club music.
In his live acts, he is a tasteful, ecstatic soul catcher and as a gifted Jazz and Blues piano player, he also plays jazz concerts from time to time. The last ten years has already seen the great and good of the Berlin and international DJ community call upon his studio skills.

He is the offspring of contemporary electronic club music. But he’s hiding in disguise. THEMOSTWORSTWASTED is an observer behind the scenes when the tune is hitting the night. Pure and catchy techno sounds are telling stories of how it is, what it could be and where it will probably go. Rough beats are building up a counterbalance to deliberate house tunes that are firing ones imagination. His tracks are his mirror. He is sending the sound of what he receives. With his music, THEMOSTWORSTWASTED melts his views while creating a personal interpretation of 21st century techno music – with a stunning bass line.

2015 is once again a very creative year for Mathias Schaffhäuser. July saw the debut EP of PAWAS & SCHAFFHÄUSER on Compost Black Label featuring a collab with Gregor Schwellenbach and in April he released his 4th remix compilation called “RE:4 – Selected Remixes Vol. 4″ on BluFin Records. In September he will debut on Biotop Label following another vinyl EP on OPAK Records in October. But for sure, many people know him for “Hey little girl”, his club hit from 2001, and his label WARE which he started in 1997, on which various contemporary electronic music artists have been released in their very early days, such as Benjamin Brunn,, Dominik Eulberg or Audio Werner.
Besides being a busy label manager and producer, he is especially known for his smashing remixes, which he has produced for Pan-Pot, Dapayk & Padberg, Northern Lite, Luomo and many other widely known artists. Outside the studio, his live acts are always an extraordinary blast, or as he describes it: “I mean, who squeezes techno and house tradition, spontaneous vocal performances, crude cover versions and melodica solos into a one-hour set, without constantly staring at a computer screen?”


FEINWERK22 Syntax Error – Degraded Operational Status out now!

Degraded Operational Status

Do you know how it feels to get soaked into a whole new world? Overrun by millions of odd impressions? Carried away by the tide of things? Warning: Degraded Operational Status. With FEINWERK 22, Syntax Error sets off to a voyage through a variety of strange acoustic spheres. He finds himself “Lost at the airport”. Plans get smashed by a “Glitch into the weekend” and finally he feels drowned like a diver having “Water in the helmet”.
In an almost narrative style this release tells a story about being pushed back and forth between different worlds. Clear, strong beats counterbalance obscure noises. You never know what will happen next. The rhythm turns. Pause. Tension. Back on track. The beat goes on and on. It seems as if Syntax Error is combing his way through a huge jumble of impressions – and so does the record. Having been created face to face to a porthole inside the cabin of an offshore vessel somewhere in the Indian Ocean, all three tracks clearly end up being acoustic reflections of real life experiences. Maybe it is this link to reality that adds a very special tension to the tracks. Or, maybe it is simply the fine-tuned interaction of smashing beats and pulsating sounds. Or, maybe both…

Syntax Error
The obscure world of the deep and groovy techno music is the well-known territory of Syntax Error. Having started as techno DJ in the late 90ies, he soon found his very special sound favoring deep wobbly bass-lines, harsh snares, FM tones and drones, deep bass drums and tricky percussion. Like a syntax error, he breaks with commonplace regularities and creates a whole new sound experience that is highly recognized within the techno scene.
Up to 2014, he has produced over 20 different 12” releases on the labels Snork Enterprises, Feinwerk, Relax2000 and UNDERtheGROUND Records. Each of his releases is an authentic, passionate creation of sound always mirroring some experience from his personal life – whether it’s from his adventures as scuba diving tycoon, as sonar operator or as DJ and producer enthusiastically roaming the techno club scene.

FEINWERK is the hardcore porno everybody hides deep down in his closet. Not everybody has the guts to confess to it, but everybody owns the desire for it. It’s the urge to resent all conventions and solely listen to what your body is longing for – pure hard underground real shit fucking music!
Reminding the techno scene of the mind blowing beats of unique electronic sounds, such as the Brighton techno, FEINWERK is coming back with its new badass interpretation of experimental underground techno with a mixture of industrial and minimal influences involving an apocalyptic touch.

Unten snorky

28.11. Snorky Beatconnection night at UNTEN, Kassel with Syntax Error & Norman

Facebook Event Beatconnection
joah leutz….. nach der phänomenalen letzten Beatconnection lassen wirs noch einmal richtig krachen in 2015. Wir ham so richtig Bock mit euch in unserm lieblingskeller Syntax Error & Norman hinter den Decks zu haben…. wir brauchen da glaub nicht weiter ins Detail gehen ihr wisst genau was euch erwartet in dieser Nacht. ;) Im Rahmenprogramm betreuen euch N!EMAND und Woods und somit verspricht das eine dieser rundumsorgloseskaliernächte zu werden….

Also wir ham richtig Bock!!!!!

►Syntax Error (Snork / Feinwerk / Relax 2000)




Classic the FIST

Classic the FIST – Rauchen, Saufen, Alles!!! Vinyl out now!

Some producer friends from Hamburg launch their new label and artist project Classic the Fist, check it out, and take control again!
Freaky green vinyl out now and out soon the blasting digital release!

Classic THE FIST #1 – Smoking, Drinking, Everything!

1:27, before pakistan in the indian ocean. What r u trying? Whole song of u in ableton let’s c how it goes. Yo, I c, cool place! Audio warping sux also, oh well. What’s inbetween the boobs of an old woman, which a young one doesn’t have? The belly button. Hehe. Yo, now logic cos ableton sucks already, oh boy 2015.

Welcome to the world premiere of Classic THE FIST! Welcome to the first of many acoustic fist punches against everything that sucks: Bikes on the sidewalk. Vegan cats. Miserable payments. So shut off the endless discussions and get on the right arguments – three smashing tracks that tell everything: Jingle Balls, Trockenschnee (dry snow) and Reiseloch (holiday hole). There is plenty you must do – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, Grooveshark, Digg, Dribble, Github, Forrst, Zerply – when actually you just wanted to make music. What’s going on? Does anybody realize how overblown everything is? Simply good music, loud, cracking, and uncompromisingly honest. All that stuff around it simply is nonsense. So if you do, then please do it right! Smoking, Drinking, Everything!

Anything goin’ on 2night? Nope. Just slept. but 2morrow. Grandpa. Yeah. 2night? Goin’ out 2 grab some healty food in your hipster neighborhood? Yo!vegan? Would be good, computer body. Veggi Forever. Almost there, put your panties on. Open up. Already open. Always. So come upstairs.

Classic THE FIST

Classic THE FIST is the acoustic punch against the professional indifference and for more ecstatic nonsense. So, while the techno scene is
drowning behind their computer screens in the middle of 50 decibel and shitty 80/30 deals, Classic THE FIST pushes the cat out of the bag with a big bash.

TAKE CONTROL AGAIN. Go back to the things that really matter. Don’t take everything too seriously. Full focus on music. Take risks. No more moaning. Do it yourself. Take a stand. Yes or no? Improvisation rules! Perfection wastes action. Show your balls. Smoke, drink, everything. What do you really want? No risk, no fist!


Relax2021 Leif Müller – Humpty Times

Humpty Times, out now on Beatport!
You gotta jump on this tune. There’s no denying the driving bass line that drags your body into the sound. Being the moving power, this solid “bass-plate” gets built up and down by bright highlights and jumping tunes. A little fatalistic roaring, some swirl here and there, yet every sound feels right where it should be. It is a playful but not at all naïve conglomerate of home made, easy going techno sounds, reminding you a little of back then, but first and foremost letting you groove right now! Easily, yet resolutely, you get carried away by the catchy beat that is pushing forward both tracks “Stata” and “Ticket” on the first RELAX 2000 release in 2015. A perfect restart to just relax and enjoy some fresh, real good techno tune!

Leif Müller
A new school techno kid with roots back in old school. Having made his first moves in techno music with crappy cd players at home and a radio-taped set by Sven Väth in the early 2000s, Leif Müller stepped up to his first residency in his hometown club Rocker 33 in 2009. Together with his buddy Konstantin Sibold he continued his activities with the event series Common Sense People hosting club nights including artists such as DJ Koze, Roman Flügel and Efdemin. Subsequently in 2013 he started to release his own productions with a track on the Get Physical sub-label Poesie Musik and a joint track with Konstantin Sibold on the Cocoon Compilation N.
Being a young kid back in the late 90s, his early influences of 90s hip hop and some classic 80s pop from his dad still remain, as well as his passion for old school equipment with its rough sound and workflow. With these favorites, he creates a reduced yet tight and driving sound honoring the good old analog times.

RELAX 2000
No stereotypes. No sound restrictions. No name dropping. Just relax!
The techno label RELAX 2000 is a conglomerate of passionate techno music that does not want to define itself. Every track justifies itself by its stunning sound that catches you no matter what. It’s all about real, good techno tunes. And this is what it is. That’s all we need. Just Relax 2000.


Snork73 NERKKIRN – Antifuse e.p.

Welcome to the dark side. Where chaos is the constant, distortion forms the standard and frontiers are built out of opaque shadows. Mumbling voices are hunting you through a maze of creepy synthesizer sounds. Welcome to Antifuse.

With their latest release, the Berlin-based duo NERKKIRN are following their path of experimental techno sounds, this time leading into dark shades of whirring electronic sounds. By creating a gloomy, yet groovy tune, Antifuse builds up a perfectly conductive path within the unique sound system of Snork Enterprises.
Like a mysterious rollercoaster, four versatile tracks are pulling you into a vague ride through various spheres of electronic sounds. Starting off with high speed into the deep and gloomy mines of underground techno, Dipode unfolds its dark side in full blast. Moving forward, Antifuse chases you upside down on a roaring bass line merging into Electronichangover. There, in a reduced atmosphere of sound, subtle tunes still forcefully keep pushing you through an odd darkness until everything, then, flows into a slight glow at the end of the tunnel – Reversebias.

2015 03 13 Nerk/ Kirn Live from studio r° on Vimeo.

„NERKKIRN is what happens when you pair two very different electronic musicians with a shared passion for warping sonic technology – and set them loose.“ Yet, speaking of paths, it has always been the new and experimental approaches that kept Nerk aka Benjamin Weiss and Peter Kirn moving and finally formed their intersection.
Having founded the legendary Berlin rave act Tok Tok, Benjamin Weiss has been an innovative artist within the techno scene for many years now, including releases on Kompakt, Klang, and V-Records, often in collaboration with Dirk Leyers, as well as the co-creation of a new iPad step sequencer.
As a classically trained experimental musician the Kentucky-born Peter Kirn has been working in a wide range of fields such as modern dance, ambient audiovisual shows, as well as piano and underground experimental techno. Yet he might be best known as co-creator of the MeeBlip synthesizer and as the editor of CDM ( Again a common space he shares with Nerk, founding editor of De:bug.


FEINWERK21 VA – Rollin´List e.p.

Rollin´ List e.p.
Right in your face! With the first release after its renewal in 2015, the underground techno label FEINWERK has definitely nailed it. Four massive tracks by four warriors of pure hard underground real shit fucking music – that is what kicks ass your new year! Norman, Berk Offset, Dave Tarrida and Syntax Error aka label founder Christian Schachta once more set a bench on what dirty dark techno tunes are all about! So lift up your ass and keep your head straight, there’s a bass approaching! FEINWERK reloaded 2015.

Various Artists

He’s breaking off the barriers and smashes through. The Stammheim kid is still standing tight on his rough 90s techno roots and keeps the freak in his fingers. So nobody is surprised anymore if he’s squeezing in some hip hop scratches or Elvis parades between bombing bass lines and explosive techno beats. It’s all about the right drive on the dance floor. So is his mantra “if you’re stuck, you suck!”

Berk Offset
He is the man of wonderful mistakes. At least that is how he himself describes his sound. Fehlerfunk, a blending of the German word for mistake and “funk”, stands for an experimental sound, strange medias, some mumbling and rumbling and everything in between, which makes his sound unique. It is a modern sound aesthetic being transmitted in an old school straightforward way and leaving no mercy but hand clustered harsh techno tunes.

Dave Tarrida
Grown up as a techno artist within the 90s UK scenery, Dave Tarrida sounds just like one of those loud, sweaty, really dark underground clubs with too many strobes to see but just enough to keep your heart rate at a max. Most well known as one of the founding members of the legendary Sativa club in Edinburgh, he still retains this ravy, industrial feeling in his tracks and remains an ambassador of never ending electronic roughness.

Syntax Error

The obscure world of the deep and groovy techno music is his well-known territory. Deep wobbly bass lines, harsh snares, FM tones and drones, deep bass drums and tricky percussions are his companions. Yet, like a syntax error, he breaks with commonplace regularities and creates his own, wholly new sound experience that is highly recognized within the techno scene.

FEINWERK is the hardcore porno everybody hides deep down in his closet. Not everybody has the guts to confess to it, but everybody owns the desire for it. It’s the urge to resent all conventions and solely listen to what your body is longing for – pure hard underground real shit fucking music!
Reminding the techno scene of the mind blowing beats of unique electronic sounds, such as the Brighton techno, FEINWERK is coming back with its new badass interpretation of experimental underground techno with a mixture of industrial and minimal influences involving an apocalyptic touch.


NERKKIRN Obervolt e.p. on V-RECORDS with Syntax Error remix out now!!!

Check out this free downloadable THEMOSTWORSTWASTED remix of NERKKIRN´s Finality track, featured on the XLR8R Soundcloud page…

The new Obervolt EP (V021) from NERKKIRN aka Nerk & Peter Kirn is released on V-Records with remixes from Tallmen.785, Syntax Error and TheMostWorstWasted. More from NERKKIRN on Snork Enterprises also soon in the beginning of 2015 with their Antifuse e.p. on Snork73!


Remute – SOS Snork72


Entirely off the safe path, nonconformity and badass sounds are merging for Snork #72 to send the ultimate SOS for genuine techno. Snork Enterprises meets Remute out in left field with three tracks not only to Save Our Souls, also to save our sound of raw, underground techno.

In a distorted space of sound, eclectic Morse-codes come floating while persistent base lines keep the machines running. Sirens sound and tortured steel is building up a sphere of vibrating noise spreading all over the hull and sustainedly screaming for SOS.

Soaring beats forecast the last burst of strength. A freak wave of forceful sounds is rearing up. Scared minds are facing the darkness of endless depth, still longing for the last beam of moonlight. Yet, the all-embracing wall of infinity is merciless closing the entire surface. In an ambience of distortion, finally everlasting silence is drawing through the dark deepness devouring every vivid glance. From the distance down below there remains one inward echo – the ultimate SOS.


Out of the box – any box you may wanna place, Remute in all likelihood will break through. The Belgrad-born and Hamburg-based artist and producer has been well known for many years now as enfant terrible of techno. “Raw unfiltered techno” that’s he says you get from him, but there’s a lot more to it.

Browsing through his chronic, you can feel this certain portion of fascinating madness in each an every step he takes. Take his world record of the longest remix in dance-music-history, the ultimate cowbell massacre “Cowbell Mania” or his limited album “The Orgy” including a sample of his own blood.

However this kind of madness is not distracting but adding to his stunning techno tunes inspired a lot by the genuine sounds from old school days. Since his breakthrough in 2008 with his own label “Remute”, his own tracks got remixed by renowned artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, DJ Rush, Aka Aka, Snuff Crew or Legowelt. As well as he has been remixing for popular artists such as Kid Alex aka Boys Noize, GusGus, Justin Robertson, Daniel Avery or Solomun.

Neil Landstrumm & Syntax Error – “Words on Techno” Interview

It’s loud. It’s dirty. It’s harsh. Yet what stands behind roaring bass lines and smashing beats is a deeply rooted passion for the art of techno. In a few words Neil Landstrumm and Syntax Error, two techno artist who have been on the decks for decades now, try to capture what could be continued hours and hours. Words on techno.