Out soon!!! Snork 70 Youngman & Landstrumm - Fry up e.p.

Format: 12" & Digital
Releasedate: 16.05.2014
1-1 Cannon (Original) 5:52
1-2 Venus (Original) 6:22
1-3 Roulette (Original) 5:09
1-4 Wall (Original) 5:38

Side A w+p by Bill Youngman & Neil Landstrumm @ The Witness Rooms, Edinburgh.
Side B w+p by Neil Landstrumm @ The Witness Rooms, Edinburgh 2014.

Get ready for the fry-up by Snork #70. For the anniversary release, no one less than Neil Landstrumm and Bill Yougman are turning the heat up, serving two joint tracks and two solo
ones by Mr. Neil Landstrumm, finally getting right back to his very techno roots. What you finally
get on the plate is a steaming Snork signature e.p.. Two veterans of underground techno clearly
demonstrate what the one-of-a-kind Snork Enterprises sound tastes like. Based on voluminous,
substantial underground techno beats, stunning bass lines pour in and get spiced up with
boisterous experimentalism. It's a symbiosis of the distinct Neil Landstrumm sound heated up
with some special snorky attitude. It's no small fry. It's a hot, fat deep-frying dough of sizzling
techno music. Snork #70 proudly presents: "Fry-Up e.p.".

Neil Landstrumm
"A pioneer of new electronic styles with a strong signature techno sound often copied and
imitated, he has always been, and continues to be, a unique electronic artist." Neil Landstrumm
clearly has been coining electronic techno music for the last twenty years. Often referred to as
one of the innovators in techno, he has been working with significant labels such as Peacefrog,
Tresor and Planet Mu. His multiple influences move from New York hiphop to bassy dubstep or
ragga sound and melt into his unique techno style. Besides many notable cooperations with
artist such as Optimo's JD Twitch, Cristian Vogel, Si Begg and Tobias Schmidt, for many years
now he's been collaborating with Bill Youngman in various side projects. Now, history repeats,
proudly presenting Snork #70.

Bill Youngman
"Dropping beats like bombs and weaving tsunamis of synth lines, he tops off his abstract and off-kilter techno sounds with authentic NYC hip hop elements: beat-boxing, freestyling and hyping up the crowd on the mic." 1996 Bill Youngman debuted with his "Electrostep" on John Selway's Serotonin Records. With its cuts, splices and distinct rearrangements already the debut gave an idea on how adventurous and dedicated Bill delves into electronic music, resulting in that very special splendid sound he has developed. 15 years later he has lost neither his addiction to experimental sounds nor his passion for his creations. In fact, he has been boosting it even more! Ten years of intense absorption of various club scenes all around the world lead to what could be named his most eminent year till now with his groundbreaking release "HH3" on Killekill, 2011. There are only a few DJs to remain who fully engage their audience. "Unlike your average DJ, this man doesn't look like he could be checking emails up in the booth."

Snork Enterprises
It's a distinct sound diving deep down into the spheres of genuine underground techno where
bass-lines surround your mind and the fascination of a gloomy yet groovy world of sounds
inevitably enters your head. Founded in 2004 by techno DJ and producer Christian Schachta
known as Syntax Error, Snork Enterprises is a base for modern underground electronic techno
music. It's not at all about being pretentious or arty for the sake of it. It's about real depth on the
dance floor. Short and sweet: very snorky!
It's a journey with friends such as Cristian Vogel, Phil Kieran, Jens Zimmerman, Daze Maxim, DJ
W!ld and other big names from the techno scene having dedicated themselves to an
uncompromising, stunning beat to go even further on a trip to the instantly exceptional,
experimental sounds, ranging back to various roots of electronic underground.

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Distributed by Straight Distribution

UNDERtheGROUND - 1 Mai Open Air at MuK Giessen

Yeah Leute raus aus den Socken, die Open Air Saison startet. Barfuß zappeln im Freien bis die Maiglöckchen dröhnen. Dazu 'ne pralle Ladung strammer Beats, bei denen jeder Maikäfer platzt. Der MuK Sandkasten bebt wieder. Also Schuhe aus, Sonnenbrille auf und ab 12 Uhr mittags lassen wir die Bässe fetzen.

Als Gaststar haben wir für euch KONSTANTIN SIBOLD von Innervisions und bekannt von seiner fetten Stuttgart e.p. auf Snork Enterprises eingeladen. Obendrauf, untendrunter und drumherum erwartet Euch 'ne ordentliche Portion üppiger Beats vom Ehh Kollektiv, Mind Monkey, Alex Janke, Matze Berger, Udo Dudka und zu guter Letzt treiben Euch Lord Scumdog und Sir Syntax Error Back2Back noch die letzten Walpurgisgeister aus und fegen Euch mit derben Sounds durch den Sand.

Regen? Kalt? Egal was kommt, am ersten May Day geht's ab! Bei schlechtem Wetter gehen wir rein ins Muk und tanzen unterm Betonhimmel drinnen! Denn unser Line-up trotzt Wind und Wetter! Also auf geht's, ab geht's und das ist der Plan:

12 - 15 EhhZett - Erich S, Nieco (Ehhskalations Kollektiv)
15-16 Mind Monkey Bunkermusik)
16-17 Alex Janke (Subtilsounds)
17-19 KONSTANTIN SIBOLD (Innervisions, Common Sense People, Snork Enterprises)
19-21 Matze Berger & Udo Dudka
21-23 Syntax Error & Max Scumdog (UNDERtheGROUND, Snork Enterprises)


Pictures from the last parties with special guest DJ Nori...

...at MuK Giessen with the UNDERtheGROUND Crew

...at DMRGNZA Lüdenscheid with the Snork Enterprises Night

Next snorky parties with special guest Nori from Tokyo Japan at MuK Giessen & DMRGNZA  Luedenscheid

Pictures from the "Shred Beef Release Party" with Phil Kieran at MuK Giessen

Next Snork69 by Phil Kieran is almost out now!!!

Syntax Error & Scumdog aka Pimmel Riot DJ set from Carnival at Cafe Amelie

15.03. UNDERtheGROUND - Shred Beef Release Party at MuK Giessen

Yeah, am 15.03. feiern wir die neue Snork Enterprises Scheibe "Shred Beef" von Phil Kieran auf der UNDERtheGROUND im Muk Gießen.

Dafür fliegen wir the Irish Wonderkind PHIL KIERAN für Euch ein, der u.a. mit seinen Releases auf Cocoon Records, Electric Deluxe, Novamute sich in der Hall of Techno Fame verewigt hat und sein neues Snork Release als Live Set vorstellen wird. Mit am Start sind die snorky Boys Syntax Error und Ramrod, auch bekannt als legendäres Duett "Die Bomclikks". Aufgeheizt wird der Dachboden von Kevin Totto KA von den Lach & Krach Jungs.

Im Cafe gibt´s wieder ordentlich Rumms mit Drums und Bass von Cosphalix von Bassculture, Mr. Scumdog himself und höchstpersönlich sowie DJ Lash mit MC Knock O von der Firewalker Crew.

Elektronisch Rambazamba, Gemetzel und ordentlich auf die Mütze!!!!

UNDERtheGROUND Vol.1 out now!

Snork69 Phil Kieran - Shred Beef out now!

Get you vinyl copy on Deejay.de or decks.de...Digitally available at  Beatport

Shred Beef (Snork 69) - Release on Vinyl & Digital 07th of March

As hard-line as the title threatens, as martial as the artwork displays, as genuine as techno can
be - with his latest release on Snork Enterprises, Phil Kieran has created a tremor and once
again proves his uncompromising unique sound, for this time somewhere in between iron
relentlessness and poisonous composure. In a somewhat extrapolation of "Totally snorked" his
second release on Snork Enterprises "Shred Beef" sharpens his tune up to the peak of
intransigently pulsation, with a whiff of "I think I´m a monster". Marching up front with its
bass-line, his new tracks pursue a sound that mirrors the mercilessness of true underground
techno. Pure. Harsh. Don't give a shit!

Phil Kieran
'I always took the attitude that this has to be the best I can possibly do, and you have to take that attitude or what's the point?' This approach is exactly what turns every of Phil Kieran's tracks into a one-of-a-kind artwork. It's his determination, his addiction to every single piece of his music that has turned the Belfast based artist into one of the finest club DJs of the world. Whether it's his distinct techno style displaying his full consciousness, desire and purity with a whiff of vintage, or his experimental live acts, like his latest creation "Le Carousel", gathering some of the best Irish musicians in a brand new album project, each piece is a blast! Having worked with many top musicians such as Peter Hook, Gary Numan, Green Velvet, Speedy J and David Holmes and having been picked by Martin Gore to remix Depeche Mode's "Sweetest Perfection", he's clearly one of the most experienced yet at the same time freshest and most adventurous DJs around. He has released on various labels including Skint, Soma, Cocoon, Novamute, Electric Deluxe, Snork Enterprises, as well as his own PKR and has recorded three full length albums.

Snork68 Syntax Error - Eine Stadt frisst ihre Helden e.p. finally out now on vinyl!

Also available on decks.de out as bits and bytes on Beatport!
Here we go with the "Eine Stadt frisst ihre Helden" e.p., four rough and raw techno machines down from the evil subsea dungeons by the label head himself aka Syntax Error. Every track
tells a story out of the snorky life from Christian in Snorkcity Giessen! "El expreso de cerveza", do a beer pub tour in Giessen and you definitely know that this means. "Mad insomnia causing insects" contains samples which are provided by Mad Matze from his South America holiday, real monster quadrills noice! If this is not freaking you out, the "Freak Wave" will do, breaking over your head that crashes you on the deepest underground as possible. If this is not enough, enjoy some "Döret Talk" from the backstage! More dört that you can expect! This e.p. absolutely says "eat my shorts and go fuck yourself! To be or not to be snorky! That´s the question!