Watch out, the Snork Enterprises family is around!
At Snork Enterprises we believe in genuine underground techno that blows your head in the club and stays in your mind longer than the next morning. Our artists spread this spirit wherever they are. So if you are interested in bringing some black and yellow power to your party, your are welcome to contact us for a booking request. You can find our available artists under the drop down menu  “Artists”.

For any questions or support, please contact:
E-Mail: christian[at]

Of course, the Snork Enterprises family has grown a lot bigger over the past years. Here’s an overview of the artists we have worked with so far:
Thanks for your music and your great support for Snork Enterprises in the last years!

### Julien Chaptal Roland M. Dill
[a]pendics shuffle Keinzweiter Ronald Christoph & Good Groove
Acidboyz Kork&Mule Samklang
Adam Roofy Kristian Heikkilä Samuel Fach
Alexander Kowalski Lado Snork
Alex Kork Laufmasche SOEL & Christian Cirrione
Andomat3000 Leif Müller Sender Berlin
Andrey Zots LeK Spandex
Bad Bimps Lief Ryan Spangleman
Benno Blome Lo.Max Stenny Franssen
Berk Offset Luca Bacchetti Steph
Bill Youngman Mark Broom Steve Lorenz
Christian Quast Mark Hawkins Studio416
Cristian Vogel Martinez Syntax Error
Classic THE FIST Mathias Schaffhäuser Szymon Hollner
Dagtekin&Schachta Mike Fuzz Tanaka Hideyuki
Dan Monox & Marcus Rafferty Monkey B The Aphorism
Daniel Gorziza Neil Landstrumm The Destroyaz
Dapayk Nerk Tufan Dagtekin
Dave Tarrida Nice Tobias Schmidt
Daze Maxim Niederflur Tom Clark
Digital Princezz Nicolas Duvoisin Tomas More
Ditch Nori Tom Newman
Doepp & Tobi Rech Norman Müller Two_EM
Dominik Musiolik Pakt Vince Watson
DJ W!ld Paradroid
Energun Patrick Lindsey
Ethan Fawkes Patrick Zigon
Eyeone PaulChambers
Felix Bernhardt Peter Kirn
Fumiya Tanaka Phil Kieran
Harry Axt Philogresz
HaruyukiYokoyama Pixel82
Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner Radio Slave
Hobo Raiki
JE:5 Ramrod
Jens Zimmermann Raw Hedroom
Jimmen Remute
Jonas Saalbach Rody