Berk Offset

It seems to be more than difficult to bundle all the interests and activities of this friendly German guy, because Rainer Maria Silke has too many faces to do so. Playing live with his massive digital/hardware gear and dj-ing exclusively with vinyl since the end of the 90’ies all across Europe, he had the chance to form and discover the sweet little facettes of electronic music. From hidden sound scape projects (esp. the worldwide connected nekton falls project) over his techno and break core dj project “error” to the well known live act “cannibal cooking club”, he is the man for the freaky and innovative side of danceable music. Always searching for a way to combine reduced, slow but heavy pumping and lumbering techno with his beloved Brighton sound, he now founded a style he calls “Phrikkel” or “Fehlerfunk” which can be heard on many of Offset’s releases and during his high energy live and dj sets. In order to have a constant playground for him and his mates, in 2006, he founded the nonstandard techno label 9Volt-Musik together with his friend and project partner, where he releases next to labels like Musik Krause, Snork Enterprises or Mo’s Ferry Prod. It’s his definition of glitchy ecstatic dance music. Besides having remixed for Dapayk, Plastikman, Leafcutter John, Aka Aka, Sven Laux, Storlon, Alicia Hush, Andrés Marcos and others, you can also check out the works on Unoiki, Konque, Klangscheiben, Doma Musique and Frucht. Another beloved cooperation of Berk is for instance the weird technoid glitch duo “Phööptärt”, a project he started together with Tanaka Hideyuki from Tokyo/Japan in 2007. Intended to be a spontaneous, completely virtual music excitement, this project kicked the synapses and brought 9000 tons of fun plus a bunch of brain melting releases! So it keeps going on and on and on ond an ano dn onn ao doa nn…

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