Neil Landstrumm

“A pioneer of new electronic styles with a strong signature techno sound often copied and imitated, he has always been, and continues to be, a unique electronic artist”. Neil Landstrumm clearly has been coining electronic music for the last twenty years. His multiple influences move from New York hip hop to bassy dub step or ragga sounds and melt into his unique techno style.
Often referred to as one of the innovators in techno, he has been working with significant labels such as Peacefrog, Tresor and Planet Mu. On top, he has been engaging in various projects with other significant techno artist such as Cristian Vogel, Si Begg, Bill Youngman and Tobias Schmidt. Having been a hardware-based live act since the beginning of his career in 1994, he still is one of the most sought-after live artists and actively touring all over Europe as well as partly also in the U.S.

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