Nicolas Duvoisin

Nicolas Duvoisin
Nicolas Duvoisin´s creative attitude makes each of his DJ sets an adventure. He has been playing since the age of sixteen and he had gigs at all major events and venues in Switzerland and he gets more an more international attention. His sets are between minimal house and techno, always with efficiency and class to the dance floor. As he rocks while playing with needles and records, he gives a ferocious elegance and efficacy to each set!
Nicolas gets the right groove and the right skills! He´s also the promoter of the major event “Fantastic Friends Party!” in Switzerland. His events overlap with the residency at La Ruche (Lausanne), Milk Klub (Geneva) and Freida’s Büxe (Zurich). Nicolas Duvoisin is also a producer with a unique style – mixed percussion, massive bass and right groove between techno minimal and house! During the last three years, he appeared on labels like Circle Music, Snork Enterprise, Fantastic Friends, Eminor, and more. His releases receive a massive support from the greatest djs and producers of this moment like Magda, R. Hawtin, Dan Curtin, Luciano, Anja Schneider, Reboot etc. During 2009, Nicolas Duvoisin started his own label called Fantastic Friends Recordings with tracks, collaborations and remixes especially with Alejandro Vivanco, Agaric, Someone Else, and many more.

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