Hypnotic yet elegant Techno and House music, a Japanese DJ based in Amsterdam Nori aka Norihiko Kawai selects. At the
floor he plays, space is created in which you step into his world of mystic symbolism and spiritual layers in abstract storytelling. His music doesn’t need words, it speaks for itself in a universal language, these are deep and more than just a selecting music. After 20 years of his career of DJ, editor for music media and
organizer in Tokyo, he moved to Amsterdam in 2015. Because of his keen eye for music cultivated through his career, he has been established trust with a lot of labels and agents around Europe then the latest tracks including ‘hidden gems’ has been gathering into his hand. Regularly DJing at Club Air and Bar Bonobo, the most deep and cutting-edge venue in Tokyo before 2015. After 2015, as a label DJ of Snork Enterprises in Germany.

For bookings please contact:
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