Norman Müller

He’s breaking off the barriers and smashes through. The Stammheim kid is still standing tight on his rough 90s techno roots and keeps the freak in his fingers. So nobody is surprised anymore if he’s squeezing in some hip hop scratches or Elvis parades between bombing bass lines and explosive techno beats. It’s all about the right drive on the dance floor. So is his mantra “if you’re stuck, you suck!”
Since 2002, he has been releasing some smashing tracks on labels such as HoerSpielMusik, Broque, Feinwerk, Snork Enterprises, Relax2000, Punkt vor Strich, and many more. Consequently, his own label RAUSCHWAREN was to come – the tracks of which immediately became a constant part of the legendary e-electribe parties, a club project in his hometown Kassel, of which he has been an indispensable member since 2009.

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